Where’s Cuddles

Discover an enchanting world of Teddy Bear! Your favourite teddy bear named ‘Cuddles’ has gone missing in the mysterious Teddy Bear Land. You need to go to Teddy Bear Land and rescue your friend. ...
RECOMMENDED : 2 to 6 players (max 8 players)


Group of Terrorists have planted a time bomb in the Time Square Station, New York, USA. You and your elite S.W.A.T team of specialists brought in to find the bomb and defuse it before it explodes. ...
RECOMMENDED : 2 to 6 players (max 8 players)

Prison Break

You are spies for RIA(Raider Intelligence Agency)Some of the agents have double crossed you and you landed in the most escape-proof prison in the world.Find the traitors & breakout from the prison...
RECOMMENDED : 4 to 8 players (max 8 players)


Futuristic game where you are part of the Space Ranger Force. Your mission is to go to the Moon base ‘Hyperion’ to find ‘Energon’ – the most powerful energy source and bring it back to Earth...
RECOMMENDED : 2 to 6 players (max 6 players)

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Your out-of-box thinking will be tested when you play our toughest game – “Prison Break” – where the most escape-proof jail is to be broken open. Your cravings for an amazing Sci-Fi game like Star Wars are met when you play our space themed game “Hyperion”.


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